[GRASS5] nviz-bug]

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Sun Feb 4 19:37:05 EST 2001


I took a look at the sample dataset you put up (hoodtest) and was able to replicate
the nviz bug. The data appeared dark and over exagerated with shadowing.

I was able to improve on the view by applying a suggestion from Bill given a while
back. He suggested that the USE_GL_NORMALIZE define flag in the ogsf library could
be removed for building the opengl version. This flag is used in the gs_norms.c and
gsd_prim.c. If you comment out the define flag in gs_norms.c and re-build the
library and nviz, you should see an improvement. Do not remove it from gsd_prim.c.
The effect of removing the flag is to take the exageration out of the normal

If you (and others) could try this and find it helps, we could apply it to the CVS.
At this point I have not had much time to test it.

Hope this helps.
Bob Covill

Tekmap Consulting
P.O. Box 2016 Fall River, N.S.
B2T 1K6

E-Mail: bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
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