[GRASS5] d.zoom convenience

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Jul 16 16:08:03 EDT 2001

Has anybody used the new d.zoom for a routine work? It is very nice as
it zooms-in automatically,
but I had found it difficult to use - I tended to always click the wrong
button. It seems that the reason
for that is that once the right button is accept and quit and the other
time it is the left button. Is there any
standard or common practice on which button should be used for accept
and quit? Would it make sense
(is it at all possible) to put back the little red menu? This may help
the left/right challenged people, such as me.

thanks, Helena

Left:   Establish a corner to zoom in
Middle: Unzoom stepwise
Right:  Accept region/Quit

north: 5373735  south: 5373201  east: 4459069  west: 4458537

Accept new region?
Left:   Accept and quit
Middle: Accept and continue
Right:  No

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