[GRASS5] Re: [winGRASS] cygwin and winGRASS status update

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Tue Jul 17 09:11:47 EDT 2001

Now to the technical details again,

External libraries:
The only strictly required library to compile GRASS on cygwin is
currently the sunrpc-4.0cygwin1 (rpc-4.0) library of Corinna Vinschen. 
But i can not recompile the source on cygwin 1.3.2/Windows 2000. But the
related modules and gislib work without problems, so i think thats no

Other Libraries:
gdal lib: required for r.in.gdal. 
does not compile (version 1.1.4), undefined reference to libtiff.

gd lib: required for PNGDriver.
Version 2.0.0 does not compile, some strange error. 
Version 1.8.4 compiles without jpeg support, install does not work
(*.exe files).
Library builds, PNGdriver compiles.
But does not work for the same reason the X Driver does not work.

ODBC lib: required for ODBC modules/driver
needs sys/ipc.h i.e. SysV IPC to compile.

PostgreSQL: required for PostgreSQL modules, distributed with cygwin.
compilation dies with "ARG_MAX" undeclared in main.c of d.site.pg.

openGL: required for NVIZ 2.2, distributed with cygwin/XFree86
NVIZ 2.2 seems to compile, but at the linking stage it dies with masses
of undefined references to "gl..." functions in togl.c.
Hmm, configure seems only to create the paths in the header file, not
the references to the libraries (-lGL etc.).
I am now able to compile, but nviz does not start due to problem with
the tclsh (and the cygitclsh30, too). 

Ok, so far for the libraries.

I can confirm that winGRASS (GRASS5.0pre1, cygwin 1.3.2, cygwin/XFree86
4.1.0) works with the XFree Server except for the Monitor Drivers (X
Driver, PNGDriver etc.). Tcltkgrass works with the recompiled xtcltk
package that i provided, as far as i could test without a graphical

Downgrading from recent StarNet XWin to version 4.1 does not help, i
think the problem is within the sockets setup of cygwin. 

So the main thing is IMHO to fix the sockets problem with the graphical
drivers. I have no clue with sockets programming, so perhaps someone can
help here. 



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