[GRASS5] r.proj doesn't seem to be working properly

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Wed Jul 25 18:22:24 EDT 2001

  You folks have been right on so far, so I'll ask this question now. And,
yes, I have read the man pages several times without seeing the answer.

  I used r.in.gdal to import a SDTS-formatted DEM. Because the source file
is projected in UTM and my project data are projected in State Plane
Coordinates, Nevada West Zone, I let r.in.gdal create a new location for the
translated files. It did.

  The project files are in: /mnt/usr4/projects/nevada/coeur/ and the new DEM
file(s) is in: /mnt/usr4/projects/temp/PERMANENT. So far, so good. When I
'ls ...' in the .../PERMANENT/cell/ directory, there's the dem file. But,
when I try to reproject and move it with r.proj this is what I see:

GRASS:/mnt/usr4/projects/nevada/coeur > r.proj input=rochester-dem
location=/mnt/usr4/projects/temp/ output=rochester-dem mapset=PERMANENT
ERROR: Mapset [PERMANENT] in input location [/mnt/usr4/projects/temp/] -
       not found

  I must be rather dense and missing something head-slappingly simple here,
but PERMANENT is there. Why isn't GRASS seeing it, and what do I do about



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