[GRASS5] r.proj doesn't seem to be working properly

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Thu Jul 26 18:57:41 EDT 2001

Hi Rich, 

the module r.proj does indeed work, at least partially.

What is confusing is that you must start r.proj from the mapset and
location you want the data to be projected to, not the location where
you the data are from. For the location parameter you only specify the
location name, so if your DATABASE is /mnt/usr4/projects, and your
location is nevada and the mapset is coeur, you would run:
r.proj in=rochester-dem location=tmp mapset=PERMANENT out=rochester-dem. 

Please note that no map datum transformation is done. You should also
check that r.in.gdal created a correct PROJ_INFO file. There may be
other issues because the raster is resampled/interpolated in some way,
please refer to the man page. 

If you need to reproject from another database dir you need the add.
datab-parameter dbase=/mnt/usr4/projects

This is all not very satisfying, i think that one could build a sort of
file - manager like interface with tcl/tk. 



Rich Shepard wrote:
>   You folks have been right on so far, so I'll ask this question now. And,
> yes, I have read the man pages several times without seeing the answer.
>   I used r.in.gdal to import a SDTS-formatted DEM. Because the source file
> is projected in UTM and my project data are projected in State Plane
> Coordinates, Nevada West Zone, I let r.in.gdal create a new location for the
> translated files. It did.
>   The project files are in: /mnt/usr4/projects/nevada/coeur/ and the new DEM
> file(s) is in: /mnt/usr4/projects/temp/PERMANENT. So far, so good. When I
> 'ls ...' in the .../PERMANENT/cell/ directory, there's the dem file. But,
> when I try to reproject and move it with r.proj this is what I see:
> GRASS:/mnt/usr4/projects/nevada/coeur > r.proj input=rochester-dem
> location=/mnt/usr4/projects/temp/ output=rochester-dem mapset=PERMANENT
> method=cubic
> ERROR: Mapset [PERMANENT] in input location [/mnt/usr4/projects/temp/] -
>        not found
>   I must be rather dense and missing something head-slappingly simple here,
> but PERMANENT is there. Why isn't GRASS seeing it, and what do I do about
> this?
> Thanks,
> Rich
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