[GRASS5] Grass monitor library

pcpa at conectiva.com.br pcpa at conectiva.com.br
Sat Jul 28 01:23:02 EDT 2001


  I am implementing a front end to grass, where I am creating my own monitors,
so that I can layout better my application, can put function buttons around
the monitor(s) screen(s), etc.

  I believe there are some problems with the current library. Function names
are not very sugestive :-), it is very easy to get space name problems. But
the biggest problem is that it uses all around global variables. It should
have some sort of context, so that the library could manage several monitors
at once.

  It clearly also needs some better error handling, bounds checking, and at
least for the code that use fifos, there are several places were it can block

  What is the current status of the monitors code at src/display/devices/?


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