[GRASS5] GROUP - group for cygwin

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Thu Sep 20 18:57:14 EDT 2001


i just worked on the imagery lib to resolve the problem that under
cygwin the filenames are case-preserving, but not case-sensitive, so
that currently the i.* modules fail. 

My intermediate fix is to change the filename GROUP to CURGROUP and
SUBGROUP to CURSUBGROUP under cygwin. This will make it impossible to
import imagery data from Unix to cygwin and vice versa (or one has to
move the files to the app. name). 

My question is:
- are there any objections? UNIX verisons will not be affected.
- any better solution?
- and what is the BLOCK/block file/directory from the spearfish data. I
could not find any information in the sources where the name BLOCK etc.
is generated. I have not the time to study all of the imagery code and
am not familiar with the imagery modules of grass.



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