[GRASS5] [bug #806] (grass) how do i start graphical interface

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Fri Sep 21 03:32:53 EDT 2001

this bug's URL: http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=806

Subject: how do  i start graphical interface

Platform: Linux/Intel
Linux distro: RedHat
linux cpu: Intel (i486, i586, pentium ...)
Xwindows version: Xfree 4.0.x
Xwindows manager: GNOME
TclTk version: tcl/tk 8.3
grass downloaded at: Baylor site
grass binary for platform: Linux/Intel binaries
grass sources source: no, I got a source code package from the server, grass5

i`m using grass 5.0 and in my monitorcap file is nothing writen and i can`t start graphical interface, and i can`t start a monitor with d.mon start="value" it tells me "no socket to connect to for monitor"

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