Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Fri Jun 28 09:08:10 EDT 2002

Here are the changes I had to make to get the current CVS version of SG3d
to compile on IRIX 6.2 (all files are in the src.contrib/GMSL/SG3d

externs.h line 40, 
script.c line 27:
Change #include <GL/gl.h> to #include <gl/gl.h>

sites.c line 20:
Add #include "site.h"

Gmakefile line 62:
Change the last two libraries in the list here to '-lfm -lgl' instead of
'-lfm_s -lgl_s'

src.contrib/GMSL/sg4d required the same changes except for the the one to
sites.c---it uses an older version of this file which doesn't require

The directory /usr/include/gl contains many more files in it than

I don't know much about libraries but the fm and gl have a .so extension
and are in /usr/lib . The fm_s and gl_s seem to refer to a shared libary
with a .a extension, which the system I am using doesn't have.

I wouldn't like to recommend that these changes should be made to the CVS
version straight away as I don't know enough about SGIs and what the
changes mean, however they worked for me and I now have floating-point
SG3d integrated with GRASS 5 and working great.


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