[GRASS5] [Updated] Changes between 5.0.1 release and current CVS head

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Fri Feb 14 07:32:49 EST 2003

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Glynn Clements wrote:

> binaryInstall.src
> 	Allow for _tar.{gz,bz2} (for web browsers which modify the filename)

I think this should go in, to make the install script more robust on

> html/html/m.proj2.html
> 	Elaborate upon datum transformations

No, all the datum transformation changes need to go in at the same time to
be consistent

> src/CMD/lists/GRASS
> 	Add v.label
> 	Disable m.proj
> 	Add r.terraflow
> 	Add r.simwe (disabled)

I think m.proj should be disabled to get people into the way of using
m.proj2 (if they really have to), which does exactly the same thing.

> src/general/g.region/cmd/printwindow.c
> src/mapdev/v.digit/map_init_new.c
> src/mapdev/v.in.gshhs/main.c
> src/mapdev/v.mkquads/convert.c
> src/misc/m.ll2db/main.c
> src/raster/r.sun/main.c
> src/raster/r.sunmask/g_solposition.c
> src/sites/s.datum.shift/main.c
> 	ellps=
> src/libes/image3/convert_ll.c
> 	Ellipse handling

Shouldn't do any harm but not necessary unless using the new pj_do_proj()
so no.

> src/misc/m.proj2/TODO
> 	Remove "A datum is silently ignored" comment
> src/misc/m.proj2/main.c
> 	Remove pj_zero_proj() calls
> src/misc/m.proj2/process.c
> 	Lat/Lon location handling

Again not necessary until the other datum transformation changes are

> + src/tcltkgrass/module/r.proj
> + src/tcltkgrass/module/s.proj
> src/tcltkgrass/main/menu.tcl
> 	Add interfaces to [rs].proj

These aren't anything to do with datum transformations so yes they should
go in.


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