[GRASS5] mapserver

francesco fpirotti at libero.it
Tue Feb 25 04:37:43 EST 2003

Hello there,

is anybody a mapserver-GRASS guru?

I installed the new apache2 and all the stuff for mapserver-GRASS to work 
(PROJ, GDAL-OGR, libgrass5) and I followed very closely the instructions 
from Markus on how to set up the mapserver-GRASS Demo.

The horrible thing is that it loads everything allright, but no way that I 
can see any raster or vector files whatsoever.  Instead of images I get the 
little icons and the alternate text ("Submit" where the images should be, 
and "Scalebar" and "Legend" where the corresponding pictures should be)

Has anybody who installed mapserver and used it successfully  give me a hand?

Thanks !

Francesco Pirotti

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