[GRASS5] working on g3d

Jaro Hofierka hofierka at geomodel.sk
Wed Feb 26 04:53:02 EST 2003

Hi Alfonso,

thanks for this initiave! Please add me to the list of g3d people. Also, 
it would be fine to update grid3d information on grass web
page using gathered information. Maybe you can prepare initial page with 
themes and your own suggestions.
I will prepare and send you my ideas.


Alfonso Vitti wrote:

>Hi everybody working on g3d libs and r3.* modules!
>I wonder if we can make the point on the GRASS 3D-raster support.
>I've been thinking that knowing who is working on and/or interested in
>GRASS 3D-raster support could be useful to plan the development of this
>part of GRASS.
>some topics could be:
>current status of g3d libs;
>known 3D-raster modules bugs (also related to the bugs in the g3d libs);
>define some standards for development (also usefull to clean libs and
>todo and development;
>current applications;
>It's not all here, I'm certainly forgetting something, please add it.
>I think that a better coordination can result in overall efficiency
>Alfonso Vitti
>phd student 
>Departement of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
>University of Trento -Italy-
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