[GRASS5] g3d success

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Fri Jan 10 22:39:01 EST 2003

John Harrop wrote:

> I've modified the loops in s.vol.idw and r3.out.v5d to follow the same 
> pattern:
> all loop counters increment.
> easting starts in the west and increments.
> northing starts in the north and decrements.
> level starts at the top and decrements.

By "decrements", do you mean that an increasing index corresponds to a
decreasing geographical coordinate (i.e. south/down)?

> When I regrid a 3d site file, and then export it to v5d format, the data 
> loads into vis5d with all the axes orientationed correctly!  I guess 
> that shouldn't be too suprising ;-)  I'm getting on to the other modules 
> as time permits.
> Does someone want me send you files, or is that so trivial you can just 
> make the change?

Can you send diffs?

The preferred mechanism is to run "cvs diff -u <dir>" from the
top-level directory of the GRASS source tree, where <dir> is the
deepest common directory of the changed files. E.g.:

	cd /usr/src/grass
	cvs diff src.contrib/GMSL/g3d/src3d

If you don't have CVS access configured, the next best approach is to
use "diff -ru <dir1> <dir2>", where <dir1> is the path to an
unmodified version of the source and <dir2> is the path to the
modified version of the source.

In the last resort, you can send any changed files to me (preferably
as a .tar.gz file, with the relative paths preserved) and I'll look
into it.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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