[GRASS5] Expression of Interest

Sotiris Koukoulas skouk at geo.aegean.gr
Fri Jan 23 09:06:14 EST 2004

Apologies for any cross posting 

This is a call for expression of Interest...

Dear all,

We (a research project team) wish to develop a user friendly module for
site suitability analysis within GRASS or preferably in GRASS for
Windows. This module will be used by local authorities (municipalities)
for decision support. As you can understand is should be a customised
application with good GUI so the user (e.g. municipality's GIS officer)
can use it without knowledge of Grass and its commands.

We would therefore be interested in employing someone with considerable
experience in these issues (e.g. a Grass developer) in order to work on
the issue and transfer some knowledge, related to developing
applications with GRASS, to our GIS team here. We are based in Lesvos
Island in Greece. The working environment is excellent (the Campus is
located near the sea with excellent view!). We have a dynamic team in
GIS, looking forward to extent our knowledge into Open Source GIS
Software. The period of employment will be flexible, 3-6 months (this
Spring/Summer) with a possibility of extension subject to the
availability of funds. 

If you are interested please send me an email with a CV outlining your

Many thanks in advance,

Sotiris Koukoulas 

Dr Sotirios Koukoulas
Lecturer (GIS)
Geography Dept.
University of the Aegean
University Hill
Mytilene 81100
email: skouk at geo.aegean.gr

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