[GRASS5] can't start mon under WinGeneric but can under X11, again...

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 16:32:37 EST 2004

Partial answers to the GDAL problems:

1) If you use the latest CVS version of GDAL it is much more likely to
support the HDF format you need

2) After installing GDAL, compile GRASS using the --with-gdal option. It
should then pick up the libgdal*.dll properly.
It would seem that if you don't compile GRASS using the --with-gdal
option, r.in.gdal simply will not work. --with-gdal is now the default for
both 5.3 and 5.7.

> 2. I've been able to import the shapefile without incident, but don't know
> how to project from one speriod to another and from one datum to another.
> The Shapefile is in UTM10, NAD27/83, CLARKE66?  and project to ASTER's UTM10
> WGS84 WGS84.

Just set up two separate locations using g.setproj and give the correct
answers to the relevant questions. If you are using 5.0.x you should give
the datum for the ASTER images as nad83, not wgs84, otherwise the datum
transformation code won't work when you are reprojecting from
nad27/clark66 using v.proj. With 5.3+ general datum transformations are
supported and you don't need to fudge it in this way (just put in wgs84).


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