[GRASS5] grass 5.0.3 in debian

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 18:56:39 EST 2004

> > anyway, a diff does not report anything usefull (no real
> > differences.)
> That's one possibility eliminated.
> Has anything changed between 8.3 and 8.4 which would affect code which
> creates new widget classes?

? Big 8.4 change I was aware of was the intoduction of threads & 64bit
support, which likely exposes subtle bugs that were previously sleeping
in the NVIZ code ??

> > should we revert to 8.3?
> Tk 8.4 isn't going to go away, so NVIZ/Togl will have to deal with the
> issues eventually.

Yes, but for the next Debian release there needs to be a working

My suggestion would be to build a working package against 8.3, get that
into /testing, then rebuild with 8.4, upload to /unstable and file a
bug against it so the broken version doesn't get into testing(->stable).
I'd think that at this point Debian/Sarge is closer to release than
GRASS 5.0.4 or 5.3.0? (I mean by that I think Debian will release
sooner, not GRASS dragging on)

As it is only seen with Debian so far (??) it should be sorted out in
the Debian BTS by people familiar with Debian's TclTk.

> Another line of approach would be to check whether the original Togl
> code has had any changes for Tk 8.4.

I ran it through the debugger a while back, but don't have the energy to
do that right now, maybe it would help.


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