[GRASS5] Cygwin binary package

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Fri Jan 30 20:58:34 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:

> > > I have a report that one of the Cygwin binary packages on grass.itc.it
> > > includes a broken version of NVIZ (linked against Cygwin's tcl84.dll,
> > > which won't work).
> > > 
> > > Can someone either remove the package, or at least remove NVIZ from
> > > it.
> > 
> > I have a report that, contrary to the instructions in
> > documents/release_rules.txt, the version of NVIZ in the current Cygwin
> > binary package requires PostgreSQL (resulting in a Windows error
> > dialog if pq.dll is not present).
> If packages should be removed, please let's have two independent
> reports of non-functionality.
> We have also the report that NVIZ works:
> http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2004-January/013411.html

NVIZ can be made to work on Cygwin; I've done so myself. It's also
very easy to successfully build an NVWISH2.2.exe which won't actually
run. It's equally easy to build it so it won't run if you don't have
PostgreSQL installed.

Note: the last two scenarios (won't run, won't run without PostgreSQL)
are easier to achieve than getting it correct, as they require fewer
switches (using the right Tcl/Tk requires --with-tcltk-{includes,libs}
while eliminating the PostgreSQL dependency requires --without-postgres).

> And these requests are not clear to me:
> http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2004-January/013402.html
> http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2004-January/013408.html
> with respect to above request(s).
> So: Please post the URL to the file(s).

The latest report refers to 5.0.3, Xserver, and is from a different
person to the previous report. The last-modified date on:


is 15-Nov-2003 03:45, which pre-dates the previous report. IOW, those
packages appear to be broken on two counts; using Cygwin's Tcl/Tk, and
NVIZ built with PostgreSQL. Note that the PostgreSQL issue wouldn't
show up if Cygwin's PostgreSQL package was installed.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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