[GRASS5] GRASS 5.7.0 beta1

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Jun 3 11:26:38 EDT 2004

On Thursday 03 June 2004 11:35, Radim Blazek wrote:
> What about official
> g.mapset/g.chmapset/g.set/g.reset/? gisdbase= location= mapset=
> which would check if the mapset is in use, reset variables and run d.erase?
> This should be in 5.7.0, I think. Otherwise it is too dangerous.

I have written g.mapset which does that (check mapset permission,
clean temporary files, erase monitors, reset variables). 
But I don't know how to change shell settings (rc and history files),
so I hesitate to add it into CVS.


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