[GRASS5] v.out.ascii / v.in.ascii

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Nov 5 10:16:36 EST 2004

This sounds like it makes the v.in.asciipoints script I wrote for GRASS 5.7
obsolete. Is that correct? (It allowed a user to select an ascii file for
input into v.in.ascii rather than making them do a "cat <file> |" from the
command line).


On 11/4/04 10:52 AM, "Radim Blazek" <blazek at itc.it> wrote:

> WARNING: v.in.ascii and v.out.ascii were changed:
> 1) New option 'format' specifies if ascii file is 'standard' or 'point'.
> 2) The modules can read/write both format form file (input=path to file)
> or stdin/stdout.
> 3) coordinates order was changed to X Y [Z] except 'v.out.ascii -o' for
> standard format.
> 4) 'v.out.ascii -o' writes to dig_ascii/
> Radim

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