[GRASS5] Porting list

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Mon Nov 15 03:53:33 EST 2004

Michael Barton wrote:
> Radim,
> I went through your list, took out the commands that were in the menu and
> have the following remainder. I've made a few notes. Could you take a minute
> to look and see if you agree? Thanks.
> Michael

I don't know all, so I send cc to list.

> ----- revised list -----
> d.ask - for programming
> d.colorlist - mostly for programming but can add anyway

I don't think that this should be in menu. Colors should
appear in combo boxes. The option should be defined
with options = D_color_list().

BTW: default values dont work in GUI.

> d.info - mostly for programming but will add anyway

I'am not sure that thsi should be in menu, we have enough
modules doing something useful, I think.

> g3.region - obsolete (in g.region)

Not yet, and I am not sure if 'Set from a 3d raster map'
should be added to g.region, because of g3d dependency.

> g.ask - for programming
> g.filename - for programming
> g.findfile - for programming
> g.parser - for programming
> g.tempfile - for programming


> r.average - obsolete (in r.statistics)
 > r.median - obsolete (in r.statistics)
 > r.mode - obsolete (in r.statistics)

No idea, but if it is osolete, it should be removed (from CVS).

> r.in.arc - add (newly ported? I just forgot?)
> r.watershed - add (newly ported?)


> tcltkgrass - obsolete (replaced by GIS manager)

So it can be removed?

> v.in.dwg - not in default compile

Yes, but it could be conditional.

> v.kcv - add (newly ported?)
> v.mkgrid - add (newly ported?)


> v.neighbors - add
> v.out.dxf - add (recently updated)


> poly_to_bmif -
> bmif_to_cell -

No idea.


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