[GRASS5] Qt or not Qt?

Andrea Antonello moovida at katamail.com
Thu Nov 18 11:16:34 EST 2004

Hi everyone of the list,
I need a small infomation about Qt. 

I found the following on the Trolltech site:
Why is there no Open Source (GNU GPL) version of Qt on Windows ?

We have regrettably not found a way of making GPL versions for Windows
available without risking the very business model we depend upon to be
able to further develop and support Qt.

Please note that if you make the source code for your project available
and your license allows it, any holder of a commercial Qt Windows
license can create binaries for your project.

Is this really true? I can't believe that QGIS bases on this libs, which are 
not GPL for Windows platforms. So, I guess I'm missing some point. Where can 
I find the completely GPL'd?
Can someone help me?


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