[GRASS5] Qt or not Qt?

Jens Oberender grass at troja.net
Thu Nov 18 16:54:12 EST 2004

Hi Andrea

> I need a small infomation about Qt.
> I found the following on the Trolltech site:
> Is this really true? I can't believe that QGIS bases on this libs, which
> are not GPL for Windows platforms. So, I guess I'm missing some point.
> Where can I find the completely GPL'd?
> Can someone help me?

QGIS is currently using a QT version which is free for nocommercial use, not 
GPL. This version is included in a new QT book.
But it's limit compared to the GPL version under Linux.
Afaik the XML and socket classes (and some others) are missing and that limits 
the furter compilation under windows. Another point is, that it's not working 
with auto* (automake, -conf) build, you have to use a VC++ project and can't 
link it with some libraries (geos) as they need auto*.
One of the QGIS developers (mcoletti) is working at a US university and has 
access to an enterprise QT version. So he will try to build everything for 
windows in the future.
As I'm not 100% sure with everything I'll forward the mail also to the 
qgis-devel list.


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