[GRASS5] monitor resize

Huidae Cho grass4u at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 16:10:15 EDT 2005

I tried twm, WindowMaker, Fluxbox, evilwm, ion, wmi2, ...

twm, evilwm, wmi2: resizing works
WindowMaker, Fluxbox, ion: resizing doesn't work

It depends on which WM I use.  Does this mean that some WMs ignore the
USSize hint?  Or is the USSize hint supposed to not allow WM to resize the
window?  If this is the latter case, I think XDRIVER should be fixed.

Huidae Cho

On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 07:59:07PM -0700, Hamish wrote:
> > I have a question. I remember I was able to resize the XDRIVER 
> > monitor by dragging the edge of the window with mouse.  But now I 
> > cannot, maybe from 6.0 (?).  Is this intended (then why?) or a 
> > window manager problem?
> It should work. Try with another WM; are you using Fluxbox or something
> more exotic?
> Hamish
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