[GRASS5] [bug #4064] (grass) r.in.srtm: doesn't work, though it's a latlong WGS84 projection

guest user via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Tue Feb 7 06:14:50 EST 2006

Update - I've made a mistake usimg full file name N51E016.hgt.zip for input
instead of N51E016 only. Now I used it correctly but still the error about
projection is present:

$ r.in.srtm input=/home/john/gis/dane/srtm2/N51E016 output=N51E016 
Extracting /home/john/gis/dane/srtm2/N51E016...
Archive:  /home/john/gis/dane/srtm2/N51E016.hgt.zip
  inflating: N51E016.hgt             
Converting input file to BIL...

GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): Projection of dataset does not appear to match
current location.
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): name: Latitude-Longitude
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): datum: wgs84
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): towgs84: 0.000,0.000,0.000
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): proj: ll
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): ellps: wgs84
cellhd.proj = 0 (unreferenced/unknown)
You can use the -o flag to r.in.gdal to override this check and use the
location definition for the dataset.
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(15045,1): Consider generating a new location from the input
dataset using the 'location' parameter.
ERROR: N51E016 - map not found
Done: generated map N51E016
(Note: Holes in the data can be closed with 'r.fillnulls' using splines)


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