[GRASS5] GRASS-header-file locations changed?

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Wed Feb 15 03:15:17 EST 2006

Markus Neteler wrote:

> > GRASS can't realistically follow normal packaging rules (e.g. 
> > honouring all of the built-in autoconf switches) without using a
> > separate subdirectory (at least four of its headers clash with files
> > already present in my /usr/include directory).
> > 
> > Additionally, the lack of a subdirectory prefix in header names risks
> > causing problems for third-party packages which need to include
> > headers from both GRASS and other packages (how do you ensure that
> > "#include <display.h>" includes GRASS' display.h rather than the one
> > from some other package?).
> *If* things are currently changing, why not renaming files in the
> same moment (sorry for being naive)?
> E.g.,
> #include <grass_display.h>

That's almost exactly what I've done, except that the header is called
<grass/display.h> rather than <grass_display.h>.

Any form of renaming will cause problems for a third party package
using just <display.h>. The advantage of using a directory is that
it's feasible to make both <grass/display.h> and <display.h> work: the
former by using e.g. -I/opt/grass6/include and the latter by using
e.g. -I/opt/grass6/include/grass.

As headers include each other using e.g. <grass/gis.h>, the directory
containing the grass subdirectory always has to be in the include
path, and <grass/gis.h> etc will always work. You can decide whether
or not <gis.h> works by adding or not adding the grass subdirectory
itself to the include path.

To ensure that GRASS' own source code always uses the <grass/gis.h>
form, the grass subdirectory isn't present in the include path during
the GRASS build process.

You can avoid the need for two -I switches by making a symlink, e.g.

	ln -s grass /opt/grass6/include/grass

Thus /opt/grass6/include/grass/grass will be a symlink to
/opt/grass6/include/grass. If you use -I/opt/grass6/include/grass, you
can use either <gis.h> or <grass/gis.h> (or, if you really want,

The only real problem I know of so far is that you can't make QGIS use
-I/opt/grass6/include/grass and -L/opt/grass6/lib, because it expects
both the include and lib directories to have exactly the same parent

Whilst this has been true to date (due to installing everything into
specific subdirectories of $GISBASE), GRASS' build system should
really be honouring the built-in autoconf switches such as --libdir=,
--includedir= etc and installing files wherever the user tells it to
(e.g. native MacOSX packages don't use a "lib" directory, they use

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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