[GRASSLIST:10395] Re: [GRASS5] gis manager 2 rc3 - bug fixes and updates

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Feb 20 03:01:27 EST 2006


See below

Michael Barton, Professor of Anthropology
School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-2402

phone: 480-965-6213
fax: 480-965-7671
www: http://www.public.asu.edu/~cmbarton

>> Thanks for working with the new gis.m. I should mention that the issues you
>> raise about screen resizing, and several similar things, are fixed in the
>> version I released on Friday.
> The CVS mirror(?) I am using must be a day behind then, I updated and
> recompiled  Saturday night (PST). I'll try again soon.

There were "issues" with the cvs. These are fixed now. So you should be able
to update and actually get a current version.

> Actually, I'm mainly on Linux, but I used to keep a windows laptop
> with cygwin/grass installed. I will be doing that again soon. On that
> note, I am really hoping the new gui will solve some long standing
> Cygwin/GRASS issues:
> 1) The mouse polling thing with interactive commands nearly killed my
> last windows laptop. It would lock up the mouse for 30 or more seconds
> between mouse clicks. I always remember to "end" an interactive
> command, even on Linux since it pegs the CPU, but on Cygwin's x win
> implementation, it was nearly fatal to the system.

I hope that this is no longer a problem with zoom, pan, measure, and query.

Because digitizing and GCP creation/management is still tied to x-windows,
you'll still have a problem with these.

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know about this.

> 2) Please don't depend (I didn't say don't use ever) on a 3-button
> mouse! Most laptop keypads only have 2 buttons! I can't use it without
> bringing along a real 3-button mouse. That's hard to use on an
> airplane or bus.

AGREED! The last (I think) feature change before freezing features to finish
testing is to make the display controls like radio buttons. This means that
you only need a 1-button mouse to do zoom, pan, measure, and query with no
loss of functionality or convenience.

> I would love to hear about your use of GRASS in classrooms in another thread.

Happy to oblige. I'm doing a remote sensing class this semester and will use
GRASS among other things.


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