[GRASS-dev] [bug #5161] v.digit: no toolbox if Grass 6.3 built with tcl/tk 8.3

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 03:19:56 EDT 2006

Hamish wrote:
> For the sake of 1 lousy function call in v.digit, we should figure out
> a way to keep GRASS compatible with TclTk 8.3. 

[if I knew more tcl I would have just fixed this instead of complaining
to all of you]

Michael Barton wrote:
> Bwidget LabelFrame (note capitalization) might work as a substitute.
> There has to be some kind of bwidget sourcing to make it work. If it's
> just one function call, it would be easy. But from past reports, it's
> not just one call in nviz, but includes other things as well.

For v.digit, it seems to be just that one line. (infact all of GRASS,

labelframe is not used in NVIZ, and I'm not aware of any TclTk 8.3
problems with NVIZ (I've been away, could have missed something; were
your NVIZ beautification changes 8.3 incompatible and applied in CVS?).
NVIZ starts up of for me when built with 8.3 anyhow.

I think the other 8.3 incompatibilites that cropped up were fixed?

> For me at least, it quite a bit of work to try and track down what has
> changed since 8.4 was released 3.5 years ago and find some workaround
> for each one. I'm not trying to be a pain, I just don't have time to
> do that, fix current bugs, fulfill new wishes, and work on the new
> wxPython interface too. I'm pretty much the only person doing this,
> and so have to draw the line somewhere since I'm already
> overcommitted. And like the rest of the developers, I do have a day
> job too that keeps me pretty busy. Sorry.

Don't be sorry, you give what time you can, we all do. No one expects
you to know everything about all versions of Tcl, GRASS, etc., do all
the tcl programming, and audit all the tcl code. New code is committed
as best as we can write it, and if there's a problem the users let us
know soon enough ;). I didn't mean to be demanding of you, just the

I agree that the sooner we move to wxPython the better. More exciting
development by lots more developers with less headaches. (I can hope)

> I would lean towards Michael's attitude to drop 8.3 support and
> reqquire 8.4. This will make things easier for devs, and will do no
> harm for users.

I don't agree with the last statement, limiting choice always hurts
users. Who said they were using a modern Linux distro or are allowed to
upgrade the software already installed on their outfit's 4 yr old big
iron? Especially when it's a small matter to stay compatible.

> It only has to be made clear and obvious - update the docs and build
> procedure.

If the only thing in 6.2 that is 8.3 incompatible is the new gis.m geo-
rectifier, we can put something in the release notes and those users can
use i.points & friends instead. On the other side, v.digit is a core
module and there is no alternate route available (without going to
external software like qgis).

> Does Tcl/Tk 8.4 work with NVIZ on all platforms yet?

On debian it seems to be better thanks to everyone's fixes.
The best answer I can give is "don't know, but I hope so."


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