[GRASS-dev] Vote for your favorite zoom out

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 23:52:11 EDT 2006

Thierry Laronde wrote:
> FWIW, in the original v.digit(1) (and present in the KerGIS version)
> was the "widen window" option. It's zooming out by displaying a color
> rectangle representing the whole map with a rectangle wire locating
> the current window. Then you only select another window knowing both
> the whole extend, and where you were before.
> It's far more handy, since it's simpler to zoom out loosely, and then
> zoom in precisely.
> I didn't understand why this was nuked in GPL GRASS version.

do you mean the mode present in GRASS 5's v.digit, or was there
something else present in the pre-GPL days?

(then "nuked in the GRASS 6 version of v.digit", nothing to do with GPL
adoption with version 5.0)


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