[GRASS-dev] First steps to switch the bug tracker

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Thu Oct 5 17:32:57 EDT 2006


as a follow up of the bug tracker discussions,
I just created a project "GRASS" on our GForge platform: 

First, we need someone to be the project manager. 
Probably Markus or a steering commitee should decide
who. However, it is good to have two.

The managers and anyone submitting or working on
bug entries should create a user account.

Also, you will currently see quite a number of tabs for
the project (forums, mailing lists, tasks, etc).
Actually, we only need the bug tracker (so far).
All others can be switched off. I will do so unless
you want a specific feature to remain.

Next, there are curently some default trackers configured.
These could be deleted, or additionally be created and of course
configured to some extend.

The managers will have the power to do the configurations (as they
can configure everything).
However, they could also create new roles, e.g. for just Managers
of specific parts. And assign users to roles.

Have fun :-)


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