[GRASS-dev] First steps to switch the bug tracker

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Oct 8 11:14:18 EDT 2006



Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> as a follow up of the bug tracker discussions,
> I just created a project "GRASS" on our GForge platform: 
> http://wald.intevation.org/projects/grass/
> First, we need someone to be the project manager. 
> Probably Markus or a steering commitee should decide
> who. However, it is good to have two.

I volunteer.

> The managers and anyone submitting or working on
> bug entries should create a user account.

Done. Sent you a request to add me to GRASS project.

> Also, you will currently see quite a number of tabs for
> the project (forums, mailing lists, tasks, etc).
> Actually, we only need the bug tracker (so far).
> All others can be switched off. I will do so unless
> you want a specific feature to remain.
> Next, there are curently some default trackers configured.
> These could be deleted, or additionally be created and of course
> configured to some extend.

You mean Bugs, Support, Patches, Feature Request? I think we could drop
Support. It will be better to keep all tech-support traffic on
the lists as we used to, so more people would participate in discussion
and more could benefit of it.

I also would prefer to close the Forums and Lists - for the same
reason. We have too little recources to take care of all the eventuall
discussions spreaded here and there.

Regarding Tasks, Docs, Surveys, News and Files there are dedicated
facilities on grass.itc.it and on GRASS WIKI. So I would prefer to
remove them too.

What about the SCM? Is moving to SVN planned? If not, could we close
that as well?

In general, GRASS is missing a good BT. I think we don't need any other
GForge features in the moment.


Regarding the trackers:

@ Oliver:

1. Can I use more than 1 email for "Send email on new submission to

2. Is it posible to customize what columns will be displayed in
? I'd like to add Version there.

> The managers will have the power to do the configurations (as they
> can configure everything).
> However, they could also create new roles, e.g. for just Managers
> of specific parts. And assign users to roles.

I can take care of bugs (in terms of further testing and communication
with the reporter until a reproducable test case is ready for a
developer to jump in). It is necessary to have someone focused on
revising patches submitted though - a programmer with experience in
GRASS. That's not me :). Candidates?

> Have fun :-)

Thanks a tone!


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