[GRASS-dev] extraneous files in grass-6.2.0RC2.tar.gz & 6.2.0 release plans

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 00:46:46 EDT 2006


"lib/init/gis_set.tcl.orig" shouldn't be there.

$ tar tzf grass-6.2.0RC2.tar.gz | grep gis_set.tcl

also,  visualization/nviz/scripts/nviz2.2_script.orig

they don't seem to be in CVS so problem is just left over local files.
("? path/filename" at start of processing with "cvs update -q")

In 6.3-cvs I have removed the tcltk web browsers from NVIZ and (the
duplicate) in lib/init/. Both were previously made redundant by Markus.
This saves ~ 240kb in the source tree.

RC2 builds fine on Debian/Sarge (tcltk 8.3).

For me, the welcome text is now large, but not huge:

  Welcome to GRASS GIS Version 6.2.0RC2
   The world's leading open source GIS

 Select an existing project location and mapset
   or define a new location

known release to-dos:
 [high priority]
 - refine the press release
 - make v.digit 8.3 compatible, note "gis.m may need 8.4" in REQUIREMENTS.html

 - r.le.* G_calloc() before G_gisinit()

 - apply v.buffer patch? (trade bad known bug for lightly tested band-aid)
 - remove TclTk web browser from NVIZ & lin/init/ (merge from HEAD)

 - anything else?


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