[GRASS-dev] r.mapcalc and g.remove --v/q issues

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Oct 8 08:40:36 EDT 2006

Hamish wrote:
> Maciej Sieczka wrote:
>> $ g.remove rast=dummy --v
>> REMOVE [dummy]
> .
>> g3dcell MISSING
>> BTW, I'd like to ask again what is the g3dcell?
> 3D raster map created with r3.*
> ?

I think not. Create a rast3d and rast maps of the same name 'dummy'.
Although rast3d 'dummy' is present, g.remove rast=dummy still prints
"g3dcell MISSING"

Why would rast3d be listed in 'g.remove *rast*' output anyway?

>> Talking of g.remove - could the following types should be disposed in
>> GRASS 7?:
>> 1. sites - there is no sites functionality in Grass>=5.7
> actually there is, see lib/sites/README
> by 7.0 this may be gone though.

My bad (there is even v.in.sites in Grass 6).

>> 4? icon - I don't know, propably too? what is it?
> this should stay. A user (without write access to $GISBASE) can have their
> own vector symbols in their a mapset. (icon=basic/circle and friends)
> probably change the name to symbol.

Where exactly in the mapset can be icons stored?

What are the Grass commands to create those icons? I mean - if there
are none, either in Grass 5 or 6, there also shouldn't be a command
for... removing them.

>> 5. oldvect
> backwards compatibility with GRASS 5, keep as long as we keep v.convert.
>> 6. asciivect
> v.out.ascii / v.in.ascii used to store format=standard data in a folder 
> in the mapset. keep for backwards compatibility with GRASS 5, keep as
> long as we keep v.convert.
>> Same applies to g.copy/rename/list
> types should be listed in g.list help page.

Or better there should be a general site with types described and each
g.copy/list/remove/rename should link to it.


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