[GRASS-dev] r3.in.ascii suggestion

Sören Gebbert soerengebbert at gmx.de
Tue Oct 10 04:40:35 EDT 2006


Hamish schrieb:
> Hi, a short wishlist for r3.in.ascii:
> I suggest changing r3.in.ascii's nv= parameter to default to '*' instead
> of the word 'none', as is done in r.in.ascii.

Maybe "*" is more useful then "none". But if no null values are present
and "*" is set as default, the import is a bit slower (null values are 
checked for each voxel).

> also, type= should be changed from "default,float,double" to
> "default,integer,float,double" or "default,CELL,FCELL,DCELL"?
> (or 3D DCELL map type equivalents)

G3d lib supports only float and double values, no integer.
The type names are G3D_FLOAT and G3D_DOUBLE.

This will hopefully change when the raster and g3d lib are
new implemented as one library.

> Why is "precision=" there at all? Is the module adapted from r.out.ascii
> or something?

Precision is used for creating a new g3d map -> G3d_openNewParam (...)
and is needed by G3d_setCompressionMode(...).
I  have no clue how the compression works in the g3d lib. :(

The parameters:

type   Data type used in the output file

precision   Precision used in the output file (default, max, or 0 to 52)

compression   The compression method used in the output file

tiledimension   The dimension of the tiles used in the output file

are set with G3d_setStandard3dInputParams () and used with 
G3d_getStandard3dParams ( ... ).
If you want to change something, you need to modify 

> could the "data source" metadata line be set to the input filename?
> (example in r.in.xyz)

input_opt->gisprompt   = "old_file,file,input";?

> The help page needs cleaning, and perhaps a little 3x3x3 example.

Added to my todo list.

> A r3.univar module would be nice too.

This is already on my wish and todo list. :)

Best regards

> thanks,
> Hamish
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