[GRASS-dev] r.eb.* energy balance modules for GRASS GIS

Yann Chemin ychemin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 01:15:25 EDT 2006

Hi list and friends/colleagues,


you can find on the raster add-on wiki a set of modules: r.eb.*
These are energy balance modules, built mostly out of what is called
SEBAL Bastiaanssen, 1995). Their aim is to get Actual
Evapotranspiration from Satellite data mostly. There is also an
empirical equation for root zone soil moisture in r.eb.evapfr.

Some related modules, which outputs are used in r.eb.* are also there:
r.albedo, r.vi (just helped Baburao porting this one!), r.evapo.potrad.

Of course(1) a simple shell script could make them work together quite
fine... :-)

Pics of the modules GUI are here:

Of course(2) it is full of bugs!
So comments/tests/modifications are more than welcome.


PS: i will still add/modify modules, also if users require, just send email !

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