[GRASS-dev] GISDBASE directory name with spaces

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Oct 18 05:37:23 EDT 2006


Trying to help some colleagues working with wingrass, I noticed that if 
the GISDBASE variable in .grassrc6 containes spaces (ex: GISDBASE: 
/home/mlennert/GRASS/TEST DATA), the gui startup screen does not 
recognize the directory and gives a warning: "Invalid database. Finding 
first valid directory in parent tree". However, I can manually navigate 
to the directory and GRASS starts normally.

As many MS Windows users have spaces in their directory names, I 
personally think that the startup screen code should be fixed to allow 
spaces in the GISDBASE variable. I imagine it probably is a "simple" 
issue of quoting in line 64 of lib/init/gis_set.tcl:

63: if { [scan $thisline "GISDBASE: %s" env_database] } {
64:       set database $env_database

but I don't know enough tcl to do this.


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