[GRASS-dev] Re: [bug #5218] (grass) wingrass: creating new location from startup screen with projection values fails

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Oct 19 05:46:09 EDT 2006

Huidae Cho via RT wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 10:17:13AM +0200, Moritz Lennert wrote:
>> Michael Barton via RT wrote:
>>> This won't work because it requires an interactive xterm. This is not
>>> currently available in wingrass, though I think I remember some discussion
>>> by Glynn suggesting that it might (or might not) be possible to compile
>>> wingrass in such a way as to make this and similar functions work.
>> But there is a terminal, but it fails before getting to the screen where you 
>> define the location extension. So must be something about how this screen is 
>> constructed.
>> If I do not use Huidae's grass.bat (which actually launches cmd.exe as 
>> terminal), but I launch grass from a Msys teminal (after setting path to 
>> include postgresql/bin and GRASS_WISH=wish84), and I then try to launch the 
>> location creation with projection values, it fails immediately, with the 
>> following error:
>> Cleaning up temporary files.....
>> Starting GRASS ...
>> 'clear' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
>> ou externe, un programme ex�cutable ou un fichier de commandes.
>> LINES value must be >= 2 and <= -9808: got 1
>> initscr(): LINES=1 COLS=1: too small.
>> Moritz
> Programs compiled with the pdcurses library do not work with the MSys
> terminal because of the above-mentioned problem.  That's why I used
> cmd.exe for grass.bat.  If NO modules called from gis.m use the curses
> library, rxvt.exe (MSys terminal) would be a better option because it
> opens std* channels extensively used in TclTk codes.

But cmd.exe also fails in the location creation through projection 
values. I don't know why (no error messages other than "the syntax of 
the command is not correct"), so no idea if this has anything to do with 

Which modules, other than the location definition from projection values 
in the startup screen (which actually isn't part of gis.m) call curses ?


So, it seems rather limited, if I am not mistaken. It might be worth 
sacrificing curses in wingrass at the moment, with the only (in my eyes) 
serious problem this raises being the creation of a new location with 
projection values. But we could tell people to use g.proj -c for the 
time being (but this means that they need to have at least one location 

I think r.support and v.transform can be used non-interactively, so we 
don't lose functionality. Don't know about r.le. i.ortho.photo won't 
work anyhow, IIRC.

> I cannot decide which one is better between cmd.exe and rxvt.exe :-(.
 > Any idea?

At the moment, concerning startup location creation, the former fails on 
two (georef'd file and projection values), the latter only on one 
(projection values).

One big plus for rxvt.exe is that copying from the gui to the command 
line is really easy (right-click). I haven't found out how to do this in 

Very superficial testing (don't have time for more right now) doesn't 
show any other significant differences.


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