[GRASS-dev] r.flow and reference information

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at centrum.cz
Thu Oct 19 14:59:49 EDT 2006

while rewriting some modules, so that they use G_message and G_warning
    instead of fprinf, i found, that r.flow prints reference information
    to standard error.

i think, this option (-h) should be removed, because of this information
can be found in the manual page (or should be).

so i suggets

+      G_warning(_("For reference information see manual page. This option will be removed"));

-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Version: GRASS5.0, update: October 1999\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Authors: original program: J. Hofierka, M.
-Zlocha, H. Mitasova, L. Mitas\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "    new GRASS implementation: J. Caplan, M.
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Methods used in this program are described in the
-following papers:\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Mitasova, H., and Hofierka, L., 1993\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Interpolation by Regularized Spline with
-      fprintf(stderr, "II. Application to terrain modeling and surface
-geometry analysis.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Mathematical Geology 25, 657-669.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Mitasova, H., Mitas, L., Brown, W.M., Gerdes,
-D.P., Kosinovsky, I.,\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Baker, T., 1995, Modeling spatially and
-      fprintf(stderr, "distributed phenomena: New methods and tools for
-GRASS GIS.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Int. Journal of Geographic Information Systems
-9(4), 433-446.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "(special issue on Integration of GIS and
-Environmental Modeling)\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "H. Mitasova, J. Hofierka, M. Zlocha, L.R.
-Iverson, 1996,\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Modeling topographic potential for erosion and
-deposition using GIS.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Int. Journal of GIS, 629-641.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "The postscript versions of these papers are
-available via Internet at\n");
-      fprintf(stderr,
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "Please cite these references in publications
-where the results of this\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "program are used.\n");
-      fprintf(stderr, "\n");

what do you think?



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