[GRASS-dev] Where to post a bug

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Oct 20 02:07:35 EDT 2006

I¹ve been pretty swamped and only skimming the list traffic. However, I did
see that there is a move to a new bug tracker in the works.

If I want to post a bug, where do I do it currently?

Recent updates to something have broken d.vect.thematic it on the Mac. I
don¹t want to just go in and mess with this without understanding what
happened. It was working in mid-September. There were minor changes by
Moritz to check for db driver. Now it doesn¹t work. I¹m not convinced that
this change was what broke it.

The command ³which awk² produces an error on my Mac now, but it looks like
this command was in earlier, working versions. When I take the command out,
it still bombs when parsing the where statement and so simply doesn¹t map

Am I the only one having trouble with this on the Mac?

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Arizona State University

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