[GRASS-dev] d.vect -a shows only some elements

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Oct 20 12:45:53 EDT 2006

Hamish wrote:
> Moritz Lennert wrote:
>> Using d.vect.thematic -u I fill a grassrgb column in the attribute 
>> table. See http://moritz.homelinux.org/grass/d_vect_a1.png.
>> But when I try to reuse these colors with d.vect -a, only a few of the
>> regions get filled (with an additional dissolution of common 
>> boundaries): http://moritz.homelinux.org/grass/d_vect_a2.png
>> All of the objects in the map have a color code in the grassrgb
>> column.
>> I cannot reproduce this problem in spearfish, so I am a bit lost.
>> Any ideas ?
> "with an additional dissolution of common boundaries" is causing the
> problem.
> dissolution is based on common cat, but thematic colors are based on
> "jk" column. areas with a common cat can have different attribute
> values.
> e.g. if cat refers to country number, and attr col refers to province
> area.

This is not it. The dissolution came from the simple fact, that I used 
'd.vect type=area' instead of d.vect type=area,boundary. Sorry, I didn't 
realize this before.

So I still have:

GRASS 6.3.cvs (ESPON):~ > psql -d espon -c "select * from temp where 
grassrgb is NULL"
  cat | nuts2 | jk | dkdldm | ab | lmn | grassrgb
(0 lignes)


GRASS 6.3.cvs (ESPON):~ > psql -d espon -c "select distinct grassrgb 
from temp"

So, the grassrgb column is filled as it should. To make sure there is 
not problem with the colours, I do a seperate d.vect for each range. 
This works perfectly: http://moritz.homelinux.org/grass/d_vect_a1.png

But trying to reproduce this with d.vect -a, I get: 

As you can see, those regions that are colored, are colored correctly, 
but not all regions are colored. If I change the color scheme, I get 
exactly the same results: http://moritz.homelinux.org/grass/d_vect_a3.png

It is as if d.vect stopped coloring at one point.

If I display the map in four d.vect calls with where='grassrgb=255:0:0', 
etc, it displays fine.

I also get the same problem if I use d.vect.thematic on the cat column...

And I still cannot reproduce this in spearfish. Quite lost...


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