[GRASS-dev] Re: 6.2 epsg version

Roger Lott (EPSG) epsg.rl at btinternet.com
Sat Oct 21 17:32:19 EDT 2006

I'm unclear why the subject of this email train is 6.2 epsg version - I 
presume it is a typo for 6.11.2.

Version 6.11.2 of the EPSG dataset has been sent to our web master for 
public release. He is usually pretty quick at doing what is necessary and it 
would not surprise me if the release is available some time on Monday.

The only change to v6.11.1 is the reinstatement of the 4 CRSs 2172-2175 for 
Poland. We have run two independent checks which confirmed that these seem 
to be the only records that went missing, although we have been unable to 
trace the cause - I would guess human error!

v6.11.1 corrects errors in v6.11 for Carolina and Hong Kong CRSs. It also 
adds additional new data, as summarised in the release note. v6.11 has been 
withdrawn and should not be used.


Roger Lott

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> Markus Neteler wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 10:16:33AM +0200, Maciej Sieczka wrote:
>> Frank has re-added them in PROJ4-CVS.
>> Note that the nad/epsg file does not affect GRASS, we are using the
>> .csv files from gdal/data/.
> And the .csv files from gdal/data/ are created based on EPSG database,
> is that correct?
>> Indeed, the nad/epsg file is only displayed in the startup GUI, 
>> unfortunately
>> the codes aren't even selectable from there.
>> So I don't see anything which needs to be done there unless
>> EPSG reaches a version > 6.11.1
> I'm only wondering if other codes, besides the 2172-2175 I know of,
> were removed too. Because if that would be the case, they would be
> missing in GDAL too, thus in GRASS as well. Frank would need to
> manually add them back like he did with 2172-2175, or wait for the
> fixed EPSG release.
> Let's at least wait until Roger Lott finds out whether any more
> corruption, besides that we know of, took place in EPSG 6.11.
> Maciek

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