[GRASS-dev] [bug #5200] (grass) d.what.vect: WARNING: Color: can'tset color 50331648

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Tue Oct 24 10:59:15 EDT 2006

I can confirm the problem Maciek is having with d.m in 6.3:

In Spearfish:
1. d.m 
2. add 'quads' vector to GIS manager
3. click query button
4. WARNING: Color: can't set color -1

Actually, most of the interactive tools in d.m are broken for me; such as
the zoom tool, measure, query, geographical position query. 

~ Eric.

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hamish_nospam at yahoo.com wrote (Tue, Oct 24 2006 06:22:56):

> Maciek Sieczka via RT wrote:

>> The exact to reproduce this is:
>> 1. d.m
>> 2. display a vector
>> 3. press ? icon in d.m
>> 4. query - you will get the expected output in the tcl/tk window and
>> "WARNING: Color: can't set color 50331648" in the terminal

> works for me.
> 6.3-cvs, d.m + spearfish60 fields (no centroids, rand colors) map,
> map.

Strange. For me it still issues the WARNING as I described. Anybody

>> BTW, do we need "Done." message in d.what.vect? d.what.rast doesn't
>> print it...

> It's there so when called from d.m, in the terminal window the last
> changes from:

That is not correct. It is there no matter how you call d.what.vect. Eg.
d.what.vect -x from terminal - the last module's word is still always:

> otherwise someone might think they can still click after they've right
> clicked.

I don't agree. The change of the cursor shape and the lack of the window
query results, if called in d.m, or the GRASS prompt back, if called
terminal, are enough information. See d.what.rast.

> middle click to change flash color doesn't seem to work for me (?)
> Also it doesn't flash if you click where an undisplayed centroid is.

Ha, so here's the problem: the -f switch. It is hardcoded into d.m
(etc/dm/vector.tcl). While querying vectors it always flashes *black*
for me.
The middle switch doesn't change the flash color for me either. This is
not a
d.m issue, as this also happens even when I call d.what.vect -f (with or
without -x) from terminal - I keep on getting:

WARNING: Color: can't set color 33554432
WARNING: Color: can't set color 50331648
WARNING: Color: can't set color 50331648

This is not a new issue. It croped up *about* a month ago.


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