[GRASS-dev] floating values stored in tables with max 6 decimal points

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 00:29:34 EDT 2006

Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Try the following. I think it is a bug. There seems no reason why
> vectors couldn't have floating point attributes with more than 6
> decimal points:
> $ r.mapcalc 'map=0.0000001'
> $ r.to.vect input=map output=mapv feature=point
> $ d.vect mapv
> $ d.what.vect
> You get zeros, while it should return 0.0000001. If I examine the dbf
> in oocalc, there are zeros indeed!
> Moreover, even when I create a datable some other way (eg. a dbf in
> oocalc) and it has numbers with 7 decimal places stored, d.what.vect,
> v.to.db, v.db.select round the output down, so that eg. 0.0000001
> becomes 0.
> Looks like a silent data corruption.

this is 6.3-cvs, not 6.0.2, correct?

In dbmi_base/valuefmt.c, 6.3-cvs uses:

        case DB_C_TYPE_DOUBLE:
            sprintf (buf, "%lf",db_get_value_double(value));

this prints to many many decimal places (~30?) then trims off trailing
zeros any time a value is read from a DOUBLE column in the DB table.

GRASS 6.0.2 just printed six places after the decimal point.
 (but still "%lf" ? I feel I'm still leaving something out.......?)

If this is 6.3, maybe there is somewhere else in the code which needs
"%lf" + G_trim_decimal()?  [db_convert_Cstring_to_value() ?]


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