[GRASS-dev] GRASS/KerGIS fonts: hershey revival

Māris Nartišs maris.gis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 03:49:20 EST 2006


it's not my area (I'm troll), but if I understand correctly - You are refering 
to diferent symbols drawn on map (display). 
Using fonts to show various symbols is easyest and common used trick (look ar 
ArcView), but it has drawbacks - user has to create new font to get own 
symbols for displaying and that's not good. In ArcView I also have run into 
different problems coming from font usage as symbol.
Having all code already in GRASS is good, but I would better see as GRASS 7 
wish SVG vector symbol support. QGIS already to that way - You can draw image 
in any vector image manipulation soft (Inkscape, CorelDraw etc.) and just 
show in right place. Size, rotation is not a problem.
Pros: Scalable ;) , color, easy to add own symbols.
Cons: adds another dependency for GRASS.

Just my 0.02,
On Tuesday 31 October 2006 03:21, tlaronde at polynum.com wrote:
> This is a subject I think both GRASS GPL and KerGIS could share.
> Indeed, actually I need (and I play) with the concept of a library
> of symbols to show graphically what some (vector) geometrical point
> nature is---to display a symbol on a geometrical point (say an
> electrical symbol if the site is electricity related, a lamppost and so
> on).
> The classical (and logical) way to do it is using a library of
> individual graphical groups. That is a font with special glyphs. Since
> the DRAWLIB (is RASTERLIB in GRASS GPL) already knows how to color,
> rotate and scale glyphes everything is potentially here.

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