[GRASS-dev] Unused files

Sören Gebbert soerengebbert at gmx.de
Mon Apr 16 13:25:04 EDT 2007


Glynn Clements schrieb:
> There are currently 78 source files whose functions don't appear to be
> used by anything.
> Some of these may be used by components which aren't being compiled on
> my system, and some have been added with the intention of future use. 
> OTOH, some of them may simply be obsolete.
> Please provide comments as to whether specific files should or
> shouldn't be removed.
> The complete list is:

>  lib/g3d/changeprecision.c         | G3d_changePrecision
>  lib/g3d/changetype.c              | G3d_changeType
>  lib/g3d/filecompare.c             | G3d_compareFiles
>  lib/g3d/g3ddoubleio.c             | G3d_readDoubles
>  lib/g3d/g3ddoubleio.c             | G3d_writeDoubles
>  lib/g3d/g3dvolume.c               | G3d_getAllignedVolume
>  lib/g3d/g3dvolume.c               | G3d_getVolume
>  lib/g3d/g3dvolume.c               | G3d_getVolumeA
>  lib/g3d/g3dvolume.c               | G3d_makeAllignedVolumeFile
>  lib/g3d/retile.c                  | G3d_retile
>  lib/g3d/writeascii.c              | G3d_writeAscii

Those g3d files are still important. Only a small part of the features from the g3d library
are currently used by the raster3d modules.

>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_alloc_solute_transport_data2d
>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_alloc_solute_transport_data3d
>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_callback_solute_transport_2d
>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_callback_solute_transport_3d
>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_free_solute_transport_data2d
>  lib/gpde/N_solute_transport.c     | N_free_solute_transport_data3d

Everything which is located in the gpde library directory is
under active development. These functions will be
used in modules which need to model solute transport in porous media.
A module which is doing this will be available in some months.
(this is a small impression of what this module will do:
Besides of this, these functions are
used in the gpde test module (lib/gpde/test) which is not build by default.

Best regards

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