[GRASS-dev] path.obstacles

maximilian maldacker mmaldacker at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 06:19:36 EDT 2007

Thank you for your comments on my module proposition and taking your
propositions in account I was thinking of develop ping the module the
following way

I will firstly create a library to create visibility graphs from a vector
space containing obstacles ( polygons ). It will be completely independent
of GRASS and I will put it in a subfolder of the folder v.path.obstacles. I
will then create a second layer which will use GRASS vector library and
directed graph library to construct the visibility graph ( using the
abstract library ), this will be in several files in the v.path.obstacles.
Then I will create a main file for the actual module which will be command
based only with input a vector map and several points ( to compute several
paths ) and output a vector map.
Once this is done, I think I could maybe implement a module
d.path.obstacleswith a graphical interface similar to
d.path. It will access the 2nd layer headers in the v.path.obstacles
folder. Would that be the best way to do? Because otherwise I don't really
see where to put it, except to add it in the directed graph library.
So in fact I will create module in a structure similar to v.net.path and
d.path ( a command line module only, and then a graphical interface ).
Would that make everyone happy?
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