[GRASS-dev] Replacement of NVIZ

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 00:44:43 EDT 2007

Carlos wrote:
> Even though I am not a real developer, I just want to say that NVIZ
> rocks! It could have some other features (like, create a view with a
> oberserver at XXX YYY ZZZ looking to 275 deg north, or something)

not simply, but it is possible.

For example d.nviz creates a script to do "create a view with a
oberserver at XXX YYY ZZZ ..." in a reproducable way. Studying that code
might help you write your own little script to set the shots up as
needed. Frankly I'm surprised no one has ever added these controls in to
a NVIZ panel yet, it's a common need and I'm guessing it wouldn't be too

> How long have we been trying to get "max res PPM" working (or, at
> least, to fail in ways which don't involve rebooting)?

AFAIK, the 6.2 branch defaults to on-screen rendering, and the bug is
only noticable in the devel branch where it attempts to do off-screen
rendering by default. Don't know if the on-screen rendering is
susceptible to overlapping windows corrupting the snapshot or if double-
buffering has been implemented to avoid that.


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