[GRASS-dev] Introduction

Prameet Chhabra Prameet.Chhabra at Sun.COM
Mon May 7 17:19:28 EDT 2007


My Name is Prameet Chhabra and I am an engineer in Sun Microsystem's 
Open source team, My charter is the port open source apps to Sun X64 
Grid. Currently I am the individual working on GRASS evaluation and 
subsequently porting the application to Solaris x64 (and eventually 
intending to make the application available as a resource available on 
Sun Grid).

In the eval phase I have a couple of questions if any one can help...

1. Is GRASS application parallelized to use either MPI/PVM or other 
2. What % of native and what % of Java code (if any)

any responses will be greatly appreciated.

Prameet Chhabra

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