[GRASS-dev] iconv a required dependency for using Freetype?

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Fri May 11 11:23:15 EDT 2007

Yes, I'm still offering. Now that I only have one geostatistics report
to write I have finally some time to do other things too. Infact I think
I can start it this weekend, and I think I can have it done by the end
of next week.

So I'm thinking by default d.freetype.info should print something in a
nice human readable way, a bit like ftinfo does. And then if given a
switch -s (for script) it will output a comma separated list instead.
How does that sound?


On 08.05.2007 17:19, William Kyngesburye wrote:
> On May 8, 2007, at 6:54 AM, Paul Kelly wrote:
>> On Tue, 8 May 2007, Glynn Clements wrote:
>>> There's no way that mkftcap can determine that they are actually the
>>> same font.
>>> What it should do is to add a suffix to duplicate names, so that you
>>> can select either one (at present, only the first one with any given
>>> name can be selected). Realistically, that would require mkftcap to be
>>> written in a real language.
> ...
>> information about more that one font in each file
> ...
> Wolf offered to work out this when he has time (in another thread I
> started for that topic).  I was thinking that it might be useful to do a
> d.freetype.info module that mkftcap could use.  Users might want/need to
> see info about a font also.
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