[GRASS-dev] new tests on wxgui

Carlos "Guâno" Grohmann carlos.grohmann at gmail.com
Tue May 15 07:30:04 EDT 2007

First things first, I am running a Xubuntu 7.04 machine. Wxwidgets
compile with non-unicode option.

> > I also couldn't change the raster map, with "Apply" or with "OK". I
> > have to add a new one.
> Did you double click the layer to get a new dialog? I have no trouble with
> this.


> >
> > In the Pop-down list where we can choose the map, the names should be
> > in alphabetical order.
> It *is* in alphabetical order on my system. What kind or order is it on in
> your system?

see screenshot attached

> >
> > The "zoom to selected map" is not working, in my case, it just used
> > the last zoom.
> This works fine for me. Again, could this be a system issue with running
> wxPython?


> >
> > The thing about you have to close the command window to refresh the
> > display goes for other commands, also. For instance, if I use
> > g.region, and change the region settings, I can't refresh the map
> > until I hit "Cancel" in g.region window. I should be able to change
> > the settings, refresh the display to see if that is what I want and
> > then hit "close" to close the window (instead of "cancel" which is
> > counter-intuitive). In this particular case (g.region) tha "Aplly" or
> > "Run" button is usefull, it would aplly the canges, we would see if
> > it's OK, and then the OK would close the window (and apply the changes
> > again, but it wouldn't make any harm).
> To do this, we'd need to change the dialogs back to non-modal. Worth
> discussing, but possibly problematic for map displays (what happens if you
> have 3 raster in the list?).

I don't see a problem here. what's the problem with having three or
more maps in the list?

> Remember, the computational region (set with g.region) will not affect the
> display region or vice versa, unless you explicitly tell GRASS to do so.

I know that, but I want to _see_ if my computational region is really
the size I want.

> Thanks for the input
no problem.

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