[GRASS-dev] new tests on wxgui

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat May 19 16:14:12 EDT 2007

On 5/19/07 10:18 AM, "Carlos "Guâno" Grohmann" <carlos.grohmann at gmail.com>

> Hello Michael,
>> Execution failed: '[r.info', '-gx', u'map=karst_etm at carste']'
>> A typo. I've just fixed this.
> Almost there... it seem that it is adjusting the zoom by the E-W
> extension of the map. So if I have a map that is like a "portrait
> layout" or if my display is like a "landscape layout", it won't work
> right, it won't show all the map.
> Also the zoom in and out are not working properly. Did something
> changed? do I have to double-click or something now?

AFAIK, nothing else has changed. I'll look into it.

>> No error msgs. Just don't work
>> Hard to figure this out. It works fine on my system. You are double clicking
>> on the button rather than the text field with the name right?
> Should there be a difference? Other than the possibility to change the
> name of the map on the tree, I mean. No matter where I click, or if I
> right-click then ask for properties, it just don't change the map...

Does anyone else have this problem (copying the developer's list)? Is it
specific to a particular system?


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